Flower Fox

When music feels good, it makes you want to move.

DJ Flower Fox has known this ever since she fell in love with it at dance practice as a child. It was during those formative years that she rst came to terms with music's ability to give people joy, and through moving them with groove and energy, help them slip into a trance and brie y forget the problems and di culties of their day to day lives.

Taking inspiration from these experiences, Flower Fox became interested in DJ as a way to share music and dance with others. She started practicing, and a lifelong addiction began.
Over the last decade Flower Fox has driven dancefloors across Europe, Asia and North America wild with brilliant sense and command of mood, eclectic selections spanning Deep House, Minimal Techno, Pro, New Wave and Tribal, and underscoring this, rock solid technical fundamentals in the mix.

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When she isn't playing around the globe as Flower Fox, she can also be found Djing and performing as Miss Blue.

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